A different life

I popped to my pregnant 20 year old daughters home yesterday and noticed a photo of us in her bedroom 

The photo was taken 16 ish years ago and one I couldn’t remember being taken .  Although I could see it was me, I didn’t look or feel it was me.

It’s odd how as you age, you are still internally you,  yet your body changes, clothes change, hair changes. .but your essence rarely changes 


A moment that will last a life time 

Whilst around the camp fire a couple of nights ago and young boy of about 7 had a moment that he will remember forever. 

The evening was drawning to a close,  we had all danced, chanted and sang. As people where getting ready to leave for their tents, a man spoke out and said did we mind if his young son could sing just one song.  

The young lad then took centre stage and quietly began to sing the opening lines from yellow submarine.  His face was one of wonder and joy when everyone            around
 the fire joined in to the chorus, “we all live in a. ..” 

Birthday Boy

So yesterday my youngest son turned 23yrs old. He is

 a qualified teachers working in a senior school for children that have been expelled from other schools.  He loves the job and is finding very rewarding. 

23 yrs ago he was born at home, a very quick delivery of ten minutes, the midwife arrived only just in time. A smooth happy birth surrounded by his family, but Logan came out screaming , screamed around shops, cafes, parks and didn’t stop until…………….😈


Yesterday was the hottest June day for 40 years and social media has been alive with people moaning about how hot the recent weather has been. 

The weather has taken me back to the heat wave of 1976, I was a little girl then living in Watford.  

Hot humid day after day, I remember it looked like the earth was cracking up with deep lines.  Ladybirds seemed in abundance, covering people wearing yellow or bright coloured clothes. 

I wonder if we will ever get a summer like that again in the UK? 

Rain, Rain and Rain 

I like the rain and wow today it’s raining, it hasn’t stopped all day.

This morning, the local park belonged to just me, my dog and very happy ducks. It seems people don’t like walking in the rain. 

I think my love of rain started when I was a child, I was given a box which was called, “Things to do on a rainy day” . Inside the box contained index type cards, each one with a fun thing to make or do .

I eagerly awaited rainy days so I could work my way through each.  I was raised as an only child. …this explains a lot 😉


I went to the cinema with my son as we often do. With a little persuasion he agreed we would see the new children’s movie called,  “Sing ” about a koala bear starting a singing competition for all animals to reboot his failing theatre.

Yes we were the only adults without children in the room, but it didn’t matter.  As soon as it started we were lost in the fun of a delightful movie.