Back to Birmingham

I arrived back home to Birmingham last night from a lovely holiday in Fethiye, Turkey

It was raining and cold as we got off the plane and had to walk across the runway to the entrance of the airport

Stairs and queues were the next things to greet us, I was thirsty but the drink vending machine wouldn’t give me water

The journey home was via the trusted Uber taxi company, trees were in full blossom and lit up the grey sky

I looked at my diary and the fun things I have coming up in Birmingham over the next few weeks

I spoke to each of my children and arranged catch ups, I heard my new granddaughter gurgle then the delivery driver bought my favourite indian meal . My partner and I sat down to eat it whilst watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix

I wouldn’t swap living in birmingham for anything


A different life

I popped to my pregnant 20 year old daughters home yesterday and noticed a photo of us in her bedroom 

The photo was taken 16 ish years ago and one I couldn’t remember being taken .  Although I could see it was me, I didn’t look or feel it was me.

It’s odd how as you age, you are still internally you,  yet your body changes, clothes change, hair changes. .but your essence rarely changes 

Big News 

Yes, today I have heard big news. huge news.  On a world wide scale it’s tiny news. 

“What’s the news? ” I hear you ask 

I am going to be a nanny, my very first grandchild is on the way.  Today my youngest daughter Elle,  phoned me to announce in excited delight that she is pregnant. 

What a funny world it is, I have four children and it’s my youngest that is pregnant first 

You Will Never Guess What They Did To Me…Mum

These were the words out of my 15 year old sons mouth 7 years ago when he met me after a visit to Lourdes. 

Let me explain,  as a family we drove from the UK to Spain and on route visited Lourdes in France. 

We are not a religious family and entered Lourdes as a curious tourist,  so we did the tourist things including collecting holy water. 

It looked like there were two queues, one for women that myself and my daughters joined and one for men that my partner and son joined. 

The women’s queue was huge, my daughter was uncomfortable at the crying and singing women around us so we left and sat waiting for the the male members of our family. 

I bided my time by reading the guide book that I had purchased. .oh no that’s not the queue to collect holy water in the containers we had bought from the gift shop

, it’s the queue to be blessed naked in a holy bath! 

It was too late to tell them,  within minutes my horrified son came out, “you will never guess what they did to me, mum!”


This time three years ago, I was in Krakow in Poland with my, then 19 year old son as a birthday present to him.

I like to give gifts of travel because travel broadens your outlook on life and helps you connect with the world, so now my children are grown up it tends to be holidays I give them as gifts. 

We had never been to Poland before and we both enjoyed every minute exploring the city of Krakow, it’s a wonderful place. .the trams, culture, food, pigeons. …

Son number One 

29 years ago today. what! 

Yes, 29 years ago today I had my first born child, Taron. 

Wow, time flies.  It was a different world back then but also still the same. I was still as much me as I am now,  same likes /dislikes, same things made me laugh, same love of adventures and challenges.  Really,  the only difference was I was 30 years younger and was just embarking out in my journey in life.