Well, that was scary 

I went to see a scary movie yesterday with my daughter, “Annibelle: Creation ” and it was jolly scary 

Yes, it was a horror but only a 15 rating, it was a haunted house story with a possesed doll.

The film manages to grab you from the off,  take you into a world of dark rooms and creaking doors with many many many good “jumps “and “aaaaagh” moments.  

We left feeling rather like we needed a little trauma counselling.  Not bad for a movie about a doll.


Reviews. ..

I was at the cinema yesterday with my son,  oh what to watch?  

The first available movie time wise amd doable because of commitments was the new diary of a whimpy kid.  I knew it had been badly slated my reviewers, so with extreme apprehension we bought tickets 

The reviewers were wrong, it was very funny and incredibly enjoyable, admittedly it was one of my favourite genres of movies. ..Road trips 

Note to self for future. ..reviewers it’s only one persons opinion 


I went to the cinema with my son as we often do. With a little persuasion he agreed we would see the new children’s movie called,  “Sing ” about a koala bear starting a singing competition for all animals to reboot his failing theatre.

Yes we were the only adults without children in the room, but it didn’t matter.  As soon as it started we were lost in the fun of a delightful movie.