Cut from a a sweded movie!

What’s a sweded movie? I hear you ask, and I have been asking the question a few years ago. Prior to being in one , only then to have my part, let me add. … a microscopic part cut . My role in the movie …wait for it, “The token female ”

A sweded movie is amateur recreations of movies using limited resources and filled on camcorders or phones

The one I was “in “was a Lord of the Rings sweded movie. Ok, I was only given the part because I turned up on set because my partner was in it, so maybe they felt they had to humour me.

So hence the, “token female ” role. I was stuck on a large rock and sucked a lollipop. How could I have got that so wrong to be cut 😉

Look out Hollywood, I am heading your way where I can be appreciated …


Snip Snip

For many many years, I have cut my own

 fringe. Closed one eye…snip , closed the other eye. .snip.  But the rest of my hair was out of bounds. …until now!  6 months ago, my daughter trimmed my hair way too short.  To my horror I liked this new short hair cut.

That’s the thing with hair… grows back . So , whilst sitting in the car, I found in the glove compartment scissors, my hair being in plaits at the time,  I though why not just snip the ends. ….What’s the worse that can happen?  So I did, no one of yet has said…What’s happened to your hair?  I like the not perfect look anyway 😉