On board the black pearl with added foam!

We arranged to go on a boat trip to visit the wonderful St Nicolas Island and The Butterfly Cove near Fethiye, Turkey yest.

To our surprise the boat was the Black Pearl from pirates of the Caribbean

And an even bigger surprise was when the boat was out at sea a foam party started

I am not going to hide the fact that I totally enjoyed watching Mediterranean men dancing with total passion and enthusiasm covered in foam

St Nicolas island and the butterflies came second and third place to yesterday’s entertainment 😉


An evening of screaming, stamping and dancing 

“How did you spend your evening? ”

Well, umm not as most people do.  I spent it in a cold warehouse, dancing, screaming at times at the top of my voice, running around and dancing like a 5 year old. .with a bunch of people I have never met before. …oh and with my partner and daughter. 

“Why were you doing such strange stuff? “You may reply 

It was my new concept mindful dancing launch. ..obviously 😉

Time of Your Life 

Last night was my monthly spoken word event. It’s always crazy, long and incredibly diverse.  I enjoy the eccentric side of life and my monthly event is  magnet for these wonderful characters. 

 one man who has learning disabilities has been coming along to my event for quite a while, he sometimes interrupts the acts and sings, “time of your life ” randomly.  There is normally a kind sole who encourages him to listen to the acts instead of interrupting. 

Last night at end of the night, I gathered everyone together and we sang, “time of your life ” just for him….

…well we didn’t just sing it,  in my true spoken word style we performed it for him. Singing, drumming and one lady got up and danced with him

Pounding Sugar Cane

Occasionally I have a day where I fit so much in it feels like the day is two , yesterday was one of those days.

It started with an early morning swim and then a couple of dance lessons where I learnt one of the origins of salsa, “Son ” . Next , I learnt I danced the,  “Pilon ” a dance that originated from the motion of watching women pound sugar cane, I also played the music of Pilon in a mini band. ..who would have thought,  I like playing drums! 

The afternoon never became any quieter with a trip to discover the history of Lewis Carroll in Daresbury and then off to Uttoxeter …why?  Because I have always fancied going there.  As it turns out,  as quaint as it was,  the town is mostly shut on Sunday afternoons. 

And what better way to finish the day.. work!  Yes, at 7pm I then had work, but I do enjoy my self employed business,  so it’s not really work in my mind 

Words I never knew existed 

My first day at the fun salsa weekend was huge fun, I have loved dancing since I was a child and started ballroom and Latin American Dancing.  I did quite well too and passed medals up until silver, when for some reason you have to dance male steps to advance to gold. Being a little girl I objected to this and stayed at silver.  Dancing  is in my blood. 

But despite this,  i am learning another language, words like Son Cha, Reggaeton, Rueda, Orishas are now popping up in conversations….really?


I actually thought I knew a little about Dancing but it seams I have still got a long way to go.

Ten Years On 

Ten years ago I decided to end my marriage to my husband, the reason being is for another blog.  But what is for this blog is the list I wrote.  Yes, I am a big list writer.

This list included things to do in my new life, one of the items was learn salsa.  … so ten years ago, off I toddled with three of my four children to the local salsa classes.  The lovely people running it were surprised,  actually very surprised.  It’s not normally considered a family event, but from then on we were called the family, I was even given a family discount! 

 We continued going for years.

 Ten years on, 

I am at a salsa weekend in Daresbury with my eldest daughter.  She never stopped going and at 26 yrs now has 10 years salsa experience. 

It’s one of the things that defines our . ..we love to dance