Baby’s day out

Yesterday my daughter took my granddaughter to “Humpty Dumpty Adventure Land ” its a local soft play area

“How sweet”, I can hear you saying. It’s the late Mays school holiday, so what a nice thing to do

She could play with other children, have fun in the ball pit, climb the climbing frames, go down the slides and have a little lunch there. ….

…one problem. She’s 7 weeks old!


Time Traveller

I just popped back in time courtesy of “time hop ” on my mobile to 8 years ago today

The weather was warm and sunny, looking at the photo of me, I haven’t changed much. ..umm well, maybe a few pounds heavier 😯

But what a difference the 8 years has made to my daughter and my partners daughter who we both spent this day eight years ago with

My partners daughter is now a young lady at university and as for my daughter, she now lives with her finance and my 7 week old granddaughter.

Big News 

Yes, today I have heard big news. huge news.  On a world wide scale it’s tiny news. 

“What’s the news? ” I hear you ask 

I am going to be a nanny, my very first grandchild is on the way.  Today my youngest daughter Elle,  phoned me to announce in excited delight that she is pregnant. 

What a funny world it is, I have four children and it’s my youngest that is pregnant first