A must if you haven’t been 

Today I visited one of my favourite small towns, Bridgnorth. 

It’s one of the few places I wouldn’t mind living in. 

There are so many pluses to the town, it’s pretty,  quaint, cobbled roads, a lovely garden surrounded by the castle walls, has nice cafes, loads of pubs, a cliff railway to transport you between higher and lowers Bridgnorth, it’s on the river Severn and …wait for it. ..the charity shops are cheap

Wow, what more could you want from a small town 


Time of Your Life 

Last night was my monthly spoken word event. It’s always crazy, long and incredibly diverse.  I enjoy the eccentric side of life and my monthly event is  magnet for these wonderful characters. 

 one man who has learning disabilities has been coming along to my event for quite a while, he sometimes interrupts the acts and sings, “time of your life ” randomly.  There is normally a kind sole who encourages him to listen to the acts instead of interrupting. 

Last night at end of the night, I gathered everyone together and we sang, “time of your life ” just for him….

…well we didn’t just sing it,  in my true spoken word style we performed it for him. Singing, drumming and one lady got up and danced with him

Zumba in the Rain 

I had the pleasure of attending a lovely garden festival yesterday.  Music, poetry, cakes, etc

….oh and Zumba 

The started warm and sunny but as the afternoon moved on it became quite chilly and then the zumba started.  Should I sit and stay cold or join in to the communal zumba class , “join in and warm up” my thought told me , so I did. 

Then the rain started,  zumba in the rain  at a garden festival …How very British 


When my children were little we had many pets, at one time we had rabbits like many families. 

I like rabbits but didn’t like putting them in cages so I used to let them use the bottom of the garden as a large run.

One day a few of them escaped. .. you have heard the phrase breed like rabbits, it’s true.  It wasn’t long before the whole of the green hill behind our home was a hot spot for lots and lots and lots and lots of rabbits! 

Rain, Rain and Rain 

I like the rain and wow today it’s raining, it hasn’t stopped all day.

This morning, the local park belonged to just me, my dog and very happy ducks. It seems people don’t like walking in the rain. 

I think my love of rain started when I was a child, I was given a box which was called, “Things to do on a rainy day” . Inside the box contained index type cards, each one with a fun thing to make or do .

I eagerly awaited rainy days so I could work my way through each.  I was raised as an only child. …this explains a lot 😉

Wednesfield to Ross 

Today I have been on a wonderful mini road trip.  I was working this morning in Wednesfield and subsequently travelled to join my friend for a mid week mini break.

The sat nav suggested it’s a 90 min journey via motorway or an hour extra on A and B roads. ..not a choice at

 all.  A and B roads are much more fun

And what a lovely  route it was,  villages I have never heard of,  deserted roads. ..no cars in sight for mile upon miles. Beautiful scenery, around each corner I wanted to stop and take a photo. The wonderful secret about this country is its not as busy as the media make out if you take the road less used