More Difficult Than I Thought

My recent challenge which I wrote about recently was to avoid using Facebook for 100 days whilst raising money for charity. .not 100 all in one go but over 250 days. No problem at all, I thought with confidence

Today was going to be day one. .I failed!

The first slip came early, within 1 minute of waking as my hand slipped to open the app on my phone by my bed. ..”no ” I mentally reminded myself and checked my emails instead.

10 minutes later, I noticed myself looking at my new friend requests on Facebook, I had failed. My brain and fingers were operating Facebook on autopilot.

I really should know better as I run mindfulness workshops. I shocked myself that I hadn’t noticed that I had even opened the app

Oh well, it looks like this tiny challenge might be tougher than I thought. .try again with day one tomorrow


A Difficult Challenge

I am an expert at challenging myself. ..I really don’t know why try to make my life difficult for myself. Maybe I am a secret masochist!

Well, today I have really dropped myself in it big time. I have given myself a challenge of all challenges. .and I have publicly announced it on the local radio station as part of their 100 day challenge to raise money for local kids

That’s right everyone my challenge is to stay off Facebook for 100 days. .Did you hear that 100 days!! Not all in one go though. .phew I have committed to do it over 250 days

Now. ..why exactly do I do these troublesome challenges!

A lot of Widowed Army Officers

I must say the American Army is incredibly unlucky.  There is just so many Widowed Army Officers in their forces. And just as an extra note, they all appear to be good looking, young. .well in their 30s and 40s and appear to have no friends!  What a sad state of affairs 

I know this, you see because they keep trying to add me on Facebook! ! At the rate of 3-4 a week 

I did it!

“What did you do? “I hear you ask 

OK. ..wait for it. ..Yes, that’s right, I changed my name on Facebook! 

I was given the name debra jane aldous , when I was born.  I never really liked it, it didn’t seem to fit me. 

In school, I played around with asking friends to call me cool  (well, I thought so at 5!) Names like DJ or just my middle name Jane, they all lasted about 3 hours 

Fast forward many many many many years, numerous surname changes due to marriages and divorces.  My first name is still the same,  until last year my youngest daughter suddenly said, “mum, you don’t look like a Debbie “, “What do I look like? “I asked,  she thought for a moment, “Autumn ” she replied. 

I loved it and why not.  Over the last year I have played around with the name,  spoke to various people including my mum and she wasnt surprised.  But then again she has always said nothing I do shocks her anymore. ..

So the biggest,  boldest move so far. .a change on Facebook has been made.  

Election Chaos 

Teresa May should have listen to the old wise proverb, “If it isn’t broke don’t fix it. ”

Her party wasn’t doing too bad considering the difficult circumstances, Brexit, terrism etc.  And now she has ended up in a weaker situation forced to be allies with a group called the DUP, which I and many others  have never heard of. Albeit I know little about politics.

I feel a part of the Conservative losses today were down to social media. In today’s society, it can make or break things.  For example it can make a number one hit song. ..and as shown today virtually break a government.  

It’s a strange but fascinating world we now live in…..