Back to Birmingham

I arrived back home to Birmingham last night from a lovely holiday in Fethiye, Turkey

It was raining and cold as we got off the plane and had to walk across the runway to the entrance of the airport

Stairs and queues were the next things to greet us, I was thirsty but the drink vending machine wouldn’t give me water

The journey home was via the trusted Uber taxi company, trees were in full blossom and lit up the grey sky

I looked at my diary and the fun things I have coming up in Birmingham over the next few weeks

I spoke to each of my children and arranged catch ups, I heard my new granddaughter gurgle then the delivery driver bought my favourite indian meal . My partner and I sat down to eat it whilst watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix

I wouldn’t swap living in birmingham for anything


Annual Present Swap

All around the country people are taking part in the annual present swap with relatives and yesterday was our families day.
Off I trundled to my home town of Watford. Just before I pulled up at my family home, I spotted the rare and elusive sight of my brother fleeing the street in his car.  “A narrow escape ” I could hear him thinking 

Festive chats along with food then followed before the climax of the visit…..yes the Christmas present swapping and finally I trundled back to Birmingham for another year  

Silver Lining 

My 22 year son had a bad week . First his girlfriend ended the relationship,  totally out of the blue. No fault on his part, she declared it was just she needed time to sort her own head out.

Next his beautiful new car was vandalised, the windows smashed and his precious items inside stolen Inc sat nav,  sun glasses, prescription glasses. .. Yes that’s right prescription glasses, bank cards, money etc 

The point of this blog isn’t one of sorrow though. the end of the week he told me how surpringly upbeat he was and it was because of all the support he had from people, family and friends had rallied around him and showed him how much they cared 

Night Time Radio 

I often travel back from work quite late in the evening,  in my opinion the radio stations seem to play all the worst songs  between 11pm and midnight. 

I have switch from station to station to find a tiny crumb of something that entertains me in this dead hour. ..

When tuning my radio months ago,
 my son put smooth radio as one of the options on the keypad. a joke. I will never ever ever listen to that station I declared loudly! 

Last night out of desperation, I succumbed and pushed the button. songs from the 80s and 90s filled the car. I gave in and sang my heart out all the way home 

Welcome to My Family 

My youngest son has a steady girlfriend, last night she was at my eldest daughters spoken word charity event and art exhibition she organised. 

 At the weekend she was watching my partner perform in his band at a gig. 

Tomorrow night she will be attending another one of the spoken word and music events I run (she was at one last week )

 I am sure my youngest daughter has shown her the poems she has written and art she has drawn 

And as for her partner /my son he is part of a drama company called” endeavour ” that have done amazing plays. ..Although he hasn’t done anything recently but hopefully will start again soon.

I  am not sure where all this creativity has come from…I really haven’t a clue. But welcome to my family Naomi 

My Mum’s My Sister 

I phoned my mother recently. She is a very nice caring lady but for some reason we rarely speak.  I  guess our history is long and complicated, I was told as a child she was my sister and my nan was my mum, although I think underneath I knew the truth. 

It’s amazing how flexible and understanding  children can be,  I just accepted theses strange truths as my norm. 

I had an incredibly happy childhood despite being 
surrounded in a huge untruth. 

Why I don’t speak much to my mother is just due to lack of time…something I really should rectify