Silent fireworks 

Many years ago, when I was a child I never liked loud noises. ..Yes, your heard correctly, for those who know me  “I never liked big noises”

So, I never went to public fireworks displays, my family used to buy silent fireworks just for me .

 In the back garden, every 5th November, there was a show of pretty yet totally quiet fireworks 

I don’t think they even exist now?  

Time charges, now I am the first to watch loud, noisy fireworks displays. .I stand in glee at the bangs, crackle, hiss of fireworks displays. I delight at the firecrackers on Chinese new year,  yet I still feel uncomfortable when thunder occurs. ..Maybe one day this too shall pass


Waiting for fireworks 

This moment in time I am currently in Stratford upon Avon with my family  at the river festival waiting for fireworks.  

Yes, I mean literally, not some kind of family drama to take place.  We are sitting on the grass surrounded by people having fun and more prepared than us, with coats listening to music . We are amongst this pulsating crowd minus coats waiting for the firework finale 

There is something very British about summer nights, music, crowds and fireworks finals. ..and best of all watching people dance