Classic FM Rocks

This morning I had a long peaceful drive through Worcestershire

The sun was shining and all was well with the world. I had classic FM playing peaceful relaxing music, the announcer mentioned he was going to “shake things up ” referring to a call to a listener just before he announced the next track

All of a sudden my radio started to screech a loud rock piece of music by foo fighters, I almost jumped almost out of my seat with the shock of the change of tempo. Wow, that’s controversial of classic FM, I thought before realising when indicating right I accidentally changed channels!


I have found it ☺

Yes, at long last I have found it.

I have searched high and low over too many years to count.

I thought I had found it on many occasions only to be bitterly disappointed

I have pretended to find it, trying to kid myself I had found it but I couldn’t keep it up.

“What have you found? “I know you are asking

“A vegan cheese that tastes like cheese!” Is my delighted reply

Must Escape . Now

Six of us where placed in a white room. The door was locked. We looked at each other with worried expressions on our faces

“I haven’t a clue what to do next ” i said .We all stared at the walls, computer screens and scientific equipment that lined the room and then back to each other. “We don’t know what to do either ” they said in what sounded like unison

As the time ticked by we looked in cupboards, solved clues, turned keys, prodded and pocked everything. I somehow managed to crawl through into another room that then locked me in away from the others. Ooops that didn’t work I though

An hour passed by incredibly quickly. ..the room began to fill with acrid smoke. .., the door opened and we were led out

We failed to escape from our escape room experience. We left with heads hung low

A plank of wood

Today I walk around an area of Birmingham with a 9 foot plank of wood

It’s wasn’t particularly heavy but very long considering I am 5 foot 3 . A 9 ft plank of wood doesn’t lend itself well to walking around corners, being around crowds of shoppers or entering lifts, all of which I have done with it this afternoon.

My pregnant daughter , Elle was with me as the wood was for her home to use with putting the new curtain rail up.

The woodman assured me that it would be safe to put the plank in part, out of the back window otherwise it wouldn’t fit in my car as it’s a small car

When I reached the car the wood was longer than the car, the other important fact. …I haven’t got back windows!

A t-shirt made of wool

The scene. …

… a few friends out with me this evening. One couple with us , the lady was laughing so much about what she was going to tell us she could hardly speak

The couple are going to Iceland next week, he had bought an item of clothing fitting for the cold weather. The conversation he had with her on the phone this evening before coming for the meal, that made her laugh so much “I have bought a long sleeve t-shirt today for Iceland, it’s really good , it’s made of wool ”

Her reply when she had stopped laughing, ” that’s a jumper! ”

Actually, that is really funny

Adult Disney Karaoke ..noooooooooh

I endulged my little girl when she was a child, she had all the latest Disney Princess costumes

She watched Disney on demand whenever she wanted, had every Disney character she wished for, dolls, teddy bears, houses. …

She went to Disney world in Florida, Disney land in Paris,many many times.

For her 16th birthday she even had a Disney breakfast with all the Disney characters

So she had many years to get it out of her system. ..why oh why am I now at my 26th daughter Disney Karaoke night at our local favourite cafe! !!@@@@

It comes in threes

I would like to now publicly declare my car is going to be a good, reliable , accident free car for years and years and years!

I know this for certain because over the last few months, it has used it’s “bad luck “up with the law of three 😉

Yes, a car went into the pasenger side door in the snow, yes someone damaged the drivers door by trying to get break into my car and yes, yesterday I had a little accident meaning lots of money needs to be spent making my lovely, flower covered, very old car road worthy again

So whoop whoop to the next few years of trouble free motoring

Rather awkward holes

Some women collect bags and some women have hundreds of pairs of shoes. I only have a small amount of each but what I do have an embarrassing amount of is leggings

They are so comfortable and versatile, I have long pairs, short pairs, colourful pairs and three quarters length pairs. I could go on but I think you get the picture.

This morning, I put a pair on added a t-shirt and went to the gym

This pair of leggings had holes. I vaguely remember last summer a moth and I vaguely remember noticing a pair of leggings with lots of holes, I also vaguely remember thinking that I needed to throw them away. I hadn’t!

I sat on the exercise bike and noticed hole after hole, I tried to cover them up by scrunching the leggings so the other members of the gym didn’t see my embarrassment, this just drew attention to me and my holes and it also didn’t work.

Nobody said anything, people are polite or maybe they thought I was starting a new trend or maybe they were embarrassed for me, I will never know.

I left the gym quickly and guess what? I then remembered that I had to pop to a supermarket, “in for a penny in for a pound “, I thought and entered Tescos wearing my hole ridden leggings with pride 😉

Ooops trapped in a room

Today I had a workshop on the law of attraction, nothing unusual about that

I arrived at bit earlier, nothing unusual about that

I went to the training room and closed the door, nothing unusual about that

There was no longer a door handle to let me had fallen off..there was, something unusual about this!

I was trapped in the training room, someone called me to find out where the building was,as he was due to attend my workshop.

I explained the situation to him, he was surprised but also very stressed that he now had to find his trainer in a room in a warehouse in an area he has never been before and release her

10 minutes later, he hadn’t turned up, I began to consider it had scared him off.

Law of attraction in action time. ., I believed he would come and release me. . ….. did he????

A Difficult Challenge

I am an expert at challenging myself. ..I really don’t know why try to make my life difficult for myself. Maybe I am a secret masochist!

Well, today I have really dropped myself in it big time. I have given myself a challenge of all challenges. .and I have publicly announced it on the local radio station as part of their 100 day challenge to raise money for local kids

That’s right everyone my challenge is to stay off Facebook for 100 days. .Did you hear that 100 days!! Not all in one go though. .phew I have committed to do it over 250 days

Now. ..why exactly do I do these troublesome challenges!