Hunting for Ghosts

A few years ago today I went on a ghost hunt. I am rather sceptical about Ghosts but would love to be proved wrong

I saw an ad asking for volunteers to take part in a new sky programme called para x, I jumped at the chance and soon found myself at midnight in the cellar of a “haunted “pub in Digbeth. The Old Crown

There were about 20 of us, many psychics , ghost hunters and believers. I was the only sceptic

We went room to room, people reported all kinds of ghostly goings on, strange lights, breezes, hands touching arms. I felt nothing

I don’t know what happened in the rest of the night. ..I was the first to be voted off!


A ghostly photo 

I take a lot of photos and often upload them to social media sites. 

Yesterday was no exception when I visited a friend for their birthday, what was exceptional was when someone pointed out a ramdon photo in between my photos of a sunny day in Bristol a rainy night time photo of an unknown Street. 

I checked the likey suspects what’s app, any photos that had been sent to my in news feeds etc.  There was not a thing,  this photo has appeared randomly in my phones gallery from nowhere. 

This is even more odd. .the photo of the rainy Street changes to a totally different photo when I am trying to upload it on here…no joke!

The ghost photo…