Big News 

Yes, today I have heard big news. huge news.  On a world wide scale it’s tiny news. 

“What’s the news? ” I hear you ask 

I am going to be a nanny, my very first grandchild is on the way.  Today my youngest daughter Elle,  phoned me to announce in excited delight that she is pregnant. 

What a funny world it is, I have four children and it’s my youngest that is pregnant first 


A conversation 30 Years From Now

I am 80 years old and I am talking to my great grandson, ” yes my dear boy, mobile phone battery life really didn’t last all day.  We had to charge our laptops, ipads and mobiles on daily basis. ..sometimes twice a day. 

I remember one year when I went camping in had to take a battery charging unit with me, it was like a small black heavy brick, just to give me 3 days worth of charge to use my mobile phone. ”

Grandson, “what’s a mobile phone?!”