I know where the baby boomers have gone!  

Yes, this may surprise you but I know for definite where the baby boomers have gone. 

They all have made a new year resolution to get fit by swimming  and they have decided to do it at my local gym each and every morning between 8-9am! Fully equipped with swim hats and goggles

They are a very chatty bunch of folks and greatly enjoy standing in little clusters either in the pool or the changing rooms disussing how well their grandchildren are coming on.  The know this because they have seen it on Facebook, some are ĺucky enough to have been sent live footage via social media 

It’s nice to know the older generation are taking a proactive approach to both fitness and being a grandparent 😉


Big News 

Yes, today I have heard big news. ..no huge news.  On a world wide scale it’s tiny news. 

“What’s the news? ” I hear you ask 

I am going to be a nanny, my very first grandchild is on the way.  Today my youngest daughter Elle,  phoned me to announce in excited delight that she is pregnant. 

What a funny world it is, I have four children and it’s my youngest that is pregnant first 

A conversation 30 Years From Now

I am 80 years old and I am talking to my great grandson, ” yes my dear boy, mobile phone battery life really didn’t last all day.  We had to charge our laptops, ipads and mobiles on daily basis. ..sometimes twice a day. 

I remember one year when I went camping in had to take a battery charging unit with me, it was like a small black heavy brick, just to give me 3 days worth of charge to use my mobile phone. ”

Grandson, “what’s a mobile phone?!”