The lighter side of life

A group of us all gathered in a room in an old warehouse

We became trains and chugged around the building

We became train robbers and tip toed around carrying our bags of money

We were put in jail and we all cried loudly until we broke free, we then jumped for joy, in unison

We all became Maria including the men and ran around the the huge grass hill tops swirling and singing “the hills are alive with. …”

We disco danced wildly to Saturday night fever

And the evening was rounded off with some good old fashioned murder, where half of us became Michael Myres and half of us ran around in terror

We all then went home, I locked up. Another fun laughter Yoga session , I said quietly to myself


Laughter in a warehouse

A room full of people

An icy room in a warehouse in the middle of Digbeth, Birmingham.

Many of us had never met before and possibly never will meet again

On a dark early spring night, in this cold warehouse, myself and the strangers started to roar with false laughter

Yes, last night I ran my laughter Yoga session in Digbeth 😄

12 Days of Christmas. .Laughter Yoga Style 

A couple of days ago I ran one of my regular laughter Yoga classes. 

Laughter Yoga is incredibly silly but somehow I am sure i manage to make it even sillier 

It was the last session before Christmas, so obviously I choose a Christmas theme. 

What better way to start the festive month by laughter Yoga so own version of the 12 days of Christmas.  And yes, this is actually possible with a great deal of imagination and a willing group to join you 😆😇😄

Comedy and Music and Laughter Yoga 

Yes, this is how I am spending my evening. 

 I run laughter Yoga sessions, I don’t do just any laughter Yoga, I do impro laughter Yoga with a cajon in toe.  This evening we went on an adventure in  jungle. .huge fun

Now I am currently at a comedy fundraiser I have organised. .the Midlands local comics are a wonderful bunch of people who always generously give up their time.  ..

Live photo update. .and back to the comedy. ….