Rather awkward holes

Some women collect bags and some women have hundreds of pairs of shoes. I only have a small amount of each but what I do have an embarrassing amount of is leggings

They are so comfortable and versatile, I have long pairs, short pairs, colourful pairs and three quarters length pairs. I could go on but I think you get the picture.

This morning, I put a pair on added a t-shirt and went to the gym

This pair of leggings had holes. I vaguely remember last summer a moth and I vaguely remember noticing a pair of leggings with lots of holes, I also vaguely remember thinking that I needed to throw them away. I hadn’t!

I sat on the exercise bike and noticed hole after hole, I tried to cover them up by scrunching the leggings so the other members of the gym didn’t see my embarrassment, this just drew attention to me and my holes and it also didn’t work.

Nobody said anything, people are polite or maybe they thought I was starting a new trend or maybe they were embarrassed for me, I will never know.

I left the gym quickly and guess what? I then remembered that I had to pop to a supermarket, “in for a penny in for a pound “, I thought and entered Tescos wearing my hole ridden leggings with pride 😉