Lightening, thunder and floods

Wow, what a lot of weather we have just had in the West Midlands

Last night I ran a spoken word event in Wolverhampton

Prior to the event when the weather started I received message after message from performers who couldn’t attend. Buses were cancelled, cars stuck, roads closed. ..

Then the lightening caused all the electricity in the pub to die. was getting serious now, the pub was in darkness as the storm got even closer

But, still nothing would stop our event going ahead

Each time a sodden performer or guest arrived we gave them a round of applause for making the event

And yes, it happened with greatly reduced numbers but I can honestly say possibly the nicest event ever ☺


Were they UFOs ???

Yesterday there was thunder and lightening in Birmingham.  Not my favourite weather to say the least..

I have never liked lightening, this probably started when as a young child my mum used to encourage us to hide in the cupboard under the stairs for safety in storms! 

I am not crazy about flying either but a few years ago I had both of my least favourite things together, a lightening storm on a flight back from Egypt. 

My husband at the time encouraged me at one stage to look out of the window , when I did I saw about 5 large balls of light bouncing slowly around the night sky in the distance … 

UFOS / lightening balls? ???