Two tidal waves

I have experienced two tidal waves so far in my life

The first was when I was 5 years old on the beach at the Isle of Wight, I have a strong memory of a large wave coming over my head and i also remember the sea covered with random sandles, buckets, spades sunglasses etc that it had taken out with it as it receded . My final memory of this event was my mum running down to the sea with her stockings hanging so low they were reaching her ankle, crying out my name in a panic

My second experience of a tidal wave was this morning on the way to a local shop, the rain had been falling heavily all morning and caused huge puddles. A van drove too close to the curb , causing what felt like a tidal wave of rain water to engulf me as I looked on soaking wet and in shock


Rain at night

Right now it’s raining.

It’s the evening and the TV is off

There is no better sound than listening to the rain fall especially when you are inside

I have always loved the rain and yes in the past I have danced in puddles with an umbrella just like Gene Kelley, if you haven’t done it you must. I jumped on and off of the kerb, rolling my umbrella and jumping enthusiastically in puddles

Maybe it’s time to do it again. where is my umbrella

Winter is approaching 

Yesterday I had my first taste of winter. 

I was walking my dog around the local park, the wind suddenly picked up and with it, 
down came a sleet like rain 

With full frontal wind, I must say it wasn’t very pleasant. Wind is my least favourite weather at the best of times, it gives me earache and with sleet attached to it. .well what can I say

The unpleasant weather has reminded me however, how lucky we have been in the UK over the last few years with our incredibly mild winters 

A Wet Zebra 

I recently bought a zebra waterproof poncho.  I am going to India in a couple of weeks and it’s still their rainy season.  Do I thought a fun waterproof zebra poncho would be perfect. 

It’s been rather rainy here too, so I thought I would test it in the local park whilst walking the dog.

Off I went,  yes people looked at me.  You don’t often get a lady dressed as a zebra walking a dog in our local park…the rain came down. ..”ha ha I thought,  at least I will be dry!” 

It leaked. ..big time.  The fury  mane on my head, seamed to act like a funnel for rain to run down my back. I became a very wet zebra walking my dog in the local park

Rain at Night

I was woken up last night by the rain.

We have been having quite a lot of rain recently and weeks more to come if the weather forecast is correct. 

But wow, are we lucky in this country compared to other parts of the world.  A nasty little. ..well I mean huge,  the size of France huge hurricane is devastating countries on its journey. 

It has pretty much wiped out the island of Barbuda and according to the news another couple of hurricanes are following its path. 

Rain in Britain. .we are so lucky 

A Leonard Cohen Day

We are in August, yesterday morning felt like late October.  It was dark, cold and raining. 

But there is also something comforting about these days, I was inside doing work looking out of the patio doors at the bleak weather. The music industry chose to play was Leonard Cohens amazing album, “you want it darker. ” .. seamed apt 😄

Rain, Wind, Gongs and Dog

My afternoon was spent in a tent laying down listening to the rain, with a breeze swiftly blowing through a small opening,  my dog close by taking part in a gong sound bath!

And yes, it was really good.  I am currently at the consciousness tribal global gathering, I am delivering a couple of the workshops but having great fun taking part in the other diverse stuff going on too. 

Rain. ….Making British Festivals Special 

Rain, Rain and Rain 

I like the rain and wow today it’s raining, it hasn’t stopped all day.

This morning, the local park belonged to just me, my dog and very happy ducks. It seems people don’t like walking in the rain. 

I think my love of rain started when I was a child, I was given a box which was called, “Things to do on a rainy day” . Inside the box contained index type cards, each one with a fun thing to make or do .

I eagerly awaited rainy days so I could work my way through each.  I was raised as an only child. …this explains a lot 😉