Santiago ChileĀ 

A reminder popped up on Facebook memories of a holiday I took about 18 months ago to Santiago in Chile. 

I had just started my business full time and needed to have my holiday in what I imagined would be my quiet period. .December. 

So I did what all people do nowadays to find out where would be a hot country to visit in December. ..searched on Google; ) 

Chile was one of the first searches that popped up and appealed to me.  I then informed my somewhat surprised partner that we were having a two week holiday in Santiago in December. ..and not long after off we went. 

Two weeks in a major city seems long,  but not in Santiago, it’s an amazing country to visit.  Full of interesting, diverse things to see and do. Buskers fill the streets and tube Stations, lush green parks are in abundance , street markets and cafes add atmosphere and all around the city you can see the snow capped Andes .