Environmental Music and Words

Where am I now? I bet you couldn’t guess

Some clues, I am sitting on wooden pallets, I have just had some vegan junk food. And yes, I mean food that should have been thrown away curtsey of the junk food project.

More clues, I have bought some alcohol for a donation, I am inside an inner city garden project in Digbeth. I am surrounded by many familiar faces, people are painting pictures on the wall and there is a makeshift stage with music and spoken word

Told you that you would never guess, it’s called the Digbeth Garden party and it’s free and once a month..

So if you like to see toilets with flowers in them, baths overflowing with plants, left over food and music come join me next month


Rock, opera, comedy, poetry, folk and heckling 

Yes, that about sums up a taste of  my spoken word and music event last night 

Some how I have manged to create a forum for the incredibly diverse culture of performance arts in the west midlands, and it’s certainly not because of my hosting skills.  

I literally just introduce the acts with no added commentary, due to the fact I can never think of anything clever to say!  

But the amazing acts keep coming,  I also find it hard to say no to acts,  hence my monthly events can be epic. ..often 4 hours longs with always over 20 acts that range from magicians, to amazing singer songwriters, to comedians, to opera performers, to classical guitar, to belly dancers to poetry. …………………………

I will tell you what,  come along to the next one and see for yourself.  It’s the 1st December 2017 at the Ort Cafe, Moseley Road, Birmingham.  

Eve of the Dead @The Ruin

Birmingham now has its own little Budapest Style Pub in Digbeth called “The Ruin ”

It’s got bare walls, basic miss matched furniture and it’s brilliant.  

Although its only been open a couple of weeks it has already also has hosted it’s first Halloween “Eve of the Dead ” Spoken word and music event………oh ok, I organised that for them and it was really good 

Classic acts like phantom of the Opera to the Raven to spooky poems. ..to comedy horror films to……..umm blues music , travis covers, bohemian based poems ….. 

 Ummmm, halloween acts are thin on the ground on 31st October so one has to …ummm
m, pad it out …ummm just a little ­čś»

An audience of one. .. a dog

Friday night was my spoken word event at the Ort, a small bohemian cafe in Balsall Heath.  

It’s not just spoken word,  it’s dance, music, comedy. ..and everything else people wish to do.

Each month I take my dog, this month whist a comedian was on, she became very demanding of my attention which caused the audience much amusement and to pay full attention to her. ..not the comedian on stage. 

Comedians are heckled occasionally, not many by dogs. ..so he did what every comedian in this situation would do…replied to the heckler face on .

So he sat down and delivered his set to my dog!

A one off

On year ago today I ran a spoken word and music event in the anthitheatre of Birmingham City Centre Library. 

It was a lovely warm day and the anthitheatre was brilliant.  The sounds projected up into the roads above.  

All the audience loved the event and it was a thrill for the performers to have such great natural acoustics. 

“Why won’t it happen again?” I hear you ask? 

Because they have buried the amphitheatre in cement and soil to save on costs! 

Wow, such Talent 

Well, it was my spoken word and music event at the quirky little bohemian cafe in Balsall Heath last night and it was a night bursting with talent. 

It’s not just spoken word and music  (maybe I should rename it) there are comedians , a magician and often more. 

I remember way back when variety programmes began to receive high ratings , programmes like, “The good old days.” Yes, I am that old!  We still love variety acts today, I believe ,”Britain’s got talent” is still on . 

What lots of people may not know is there are many venues in Birmingham where talent is overflowing, last night was just one of them

Welcome to My Family 

My youngest son has a steady girlfriend, last night she was at my eldest daughters spoken word charity event and art exhibition she organised. 

 At the weekend she was watching my partner perform in his band at a gig. 

Tomorrow night she will be attending another one of the spoken word and music events I run (she was at one last week )

 I am sure my youngest daughter has shown her the poems she has written and art she has drawn 

And as for her partner /my son he is part of a drama company called” endeavour ” that have done amazing plays. ..Although he hasn’t done anything recently but hopefully will start again soon.

I  am not sure where all this creativity has come from…I really haven’t a clue. But welcome to my family Naomi 

Left Brain 

I have always believed that I am a left brainer i think in a mainly logical way and I am incredibly poor at art.

This weekend. ..on 

top of work I ran two spoken word events,  took part (movement ) in  two public performances pieces and had two rehearsals for a panto I wrote and is being performed next week….Maybe is need to question being a left brainer! 


I have just hosted my monthly  Spoken word and music event @the Lych Gate Tavern in Wolverhampton and once more it was bursting with local talent. From a young and brilliant singer song writers on the guitar with his friend on the cajon…they must of both been around 18 in age. ..to a lovely elderly experienced poet reciting his own gentle poetry reflecting on the effects of aging.