I needed that

Yesterday I was driving to facilitate a mindful walk in Sutton Park

On the way, I noticed how warm it was, in fact so warm I opened the window

Yes, oh yes, oh yes I felt the warmth of the sun on my arm through the opened window, yes real warmth!

I don’t think I had realised how sun starved I had become over the very long, overcast and colder than average winter

Today, it’s back to a grey sky, but at least I had yesterday 😉


A bit of winter sun

This afternoon I was walking my dog around the waters edge.  The wind was bitter howling around my face and then..

…all of a sudden I came across a sun trap, the wind died totally and I felt the warmth of the winter sun warming my cold face

I love the sun, I am that sad, I will cross to the sunny side of the street on every occasion.  I stand with my face in the warm glow of the sun whenever I can 

I love. ..no need the warmth of the sun as often as I can 

 Yes, I believe this just means i am English. In England we are sun starved and crave it as an addict craves drugs. ..now, where’s that sun?

Beautiful weather 

The weather in the UK is perfect, high temperatures, blue sky, not a cloud to be seen.  

There is something extra special when we have good weather, because it’s rare compared to our European cousin’s and what feels like the rest of the world .  When the sky is blue , people smile, take to the parks, out comes the bbq, ice cream and shorts. 

We are a country rationed  of pure blue sky and high temperatures and easily become akin to a kind of 
lizard mentality when, on rare occasion the sum does appear. .., right , off to bask  at the sun before it goes….