Were they UFOs ???

Yesterday there was thunder and lightening in Birmingham.  Not my favourite weather to say the least..

I have never liked lightening, this probably started when as a young child my mum used to encourage us to hide in the cupboard under the stairs for safety in storms! 

I am not crazy about flying either but a few years ago I had both of my least favourite things together, a lightening storm on a flight back from Egypt. 

My husband at the time encouraged me at one stage to look out of the window , when I did I saw about 5 large balls of light bouncing slowly around the night sky in the distance … 

UFOS / lightening balls? ???


Night Time Radio 

I often travel back from work quite late in the evening,  in my opinion the radio stations seem to play all the worst songs  between 11pm and midnight. 

I have switch from station to station to find a tiny crumb of something that entertains me in this dead hour. ..

When tuning my radio months ago,
 my son put smooth radio as one of the options on the keypad. ..as a joke. I will never ever ever listen to that station I declared loudly! 

Last night out of desperation, I succumbed and pushed the button. ..love songs from the 80s and 90s filled the car. I gave in and sang my heart out all the way home 

What did you do today? 

I get asked that question relatively often.  But nobody asked me today and today I could have told them ,” I took a toboggan down the Great Wall of China. ”

It was good but not amazing because the speed you travel at depends on the speed of the people in front of you. I had young men….one would think they would shoot down the wall, nope they were more like a snail. I am a 50 year old adrenaline junkie and would have gone full pelt, my 67 year friend would have probably been faster than me. 

Note to future Great Wall of China tobogganers. ..stand behind older women 

Sunset Dancing 

One of the best things about Beijing is the dancing in the parks. 

You wander around Beijings many beautiful parks and often come across small groups of people dancing, sometimes with juggling sticks, sometimes ribbons and sometimes just dancing in circles. 

You are welcome to join in. ..oh yes I joined in. As the sun set, in a park in Beijing I was in a circle with about 30 chinese people dancing. ..loving it 

Silver Lining 

I recently applied to take part in flucamp. You are given a cold and are a test subject for a couple of weeks and then financially rewarded.  After a lengthy call,  they confirmed that even though my asthma was very mild they still wanted me to take part.

Off I went to Manchester the two hour journey was over 3 hours because of road works to arrive and be informed straight away. ..I wasn’t eligible because my asthma wasn’t bad enough! !

But I had a delightful journey up,  listened to some great radio 4 programmes and was a lot closer to Wolverhampton where I spent the rest of my days 

Art. ..Really? 

I  went with my good friend and artist to a talk at a gallery  in Wales by an artist who has been commissioned by a few countries around the world to produce sculptures 

I am no artist I admit, but a collection on well placed  stones to form a bunker, or a whirlpool or a wall on a large scale is attractive but not art in my eyes.  The gallery  also opened my eyes to paper buried under the earth for a few months to absorb the minerals to create art and dead pigs anus used as a printing  method!

Hill House 

There is a quirky bed and breakfast that I discovered and now my family and friends use it as our secret retreat once or twice a year. ..That’s were I am right now.

It’s a huge house, with a wonderful hot tub and gardens up a narrow winding road that over looks hills and not a lot else. 

The owner is a larger than life man with his larger than dogs, in fact everything is larger than life. .the beds huge, the baths mammoth size,  the breakfasts enmourmous and the stories he tells about ghostly going ons…well, they are the biggest of all! 

Wednesfield to Ross 

Today I have been on a wonderful mini road trip.  I was working this morning in Wednesfield and subsequently travelled to join my friend for a mid week mini break.

The sat nav suggested it’s a 90 min journey via motorway or an hour extra on A and B roads. ..not a choice at

 all.  A and B roads are much more fun

And what a lovely  route it was,  villages I have never heard of,  deserted roads. ..no cars in sight for mile upon miles. Beautiful scenery, around each corner I wanted to stop and take a photo. The wonderful secret about this country is its not as busy as the media make out if you take the road less used 

Toilet Paper Tail

A funny thing about getting older is certain things don’t matter as much any more. You can just let them go  (but then again  I have a feeling I have always been like this )

After a recent toilet trip at a very busy art museum  in Madrid I joined up with my partner and we carried on looking at the marvellous work on the walls, until he  gasped turned me around and removed some toilet paper that was flowing freely from somewhere under my skirt rather like a long tail.  David 

was mortified, and when to explain in detail just how long we had been walking around with the toilet paper tail for all to see.  I just shrugged 

Learner pilot

Our journey back to the UK was interesting, if I didn’t know better I would have thought we had a learner pilot.  

The journey was bumpy, air pressure often does this to a plane, it was the approach to the run way when things got interesting, not just  bumpy, but too fast and everything felt wrong. The passengers all looked alarmed, I did what I always do in these type of situations. ..laugh 

Huge relief was felt by all when the plane landed