Last Night

Last night I went for a walk. It was dark and scary as I made my way through the the back streets of Balsall Heath.

Maybe I have taken a wrong road I thought. The night suddenly become even darker.

As I turned right onto a road I have never been to before i realise i was lost.

Then something strange happened, a small round glowing sphere began to hover over the house that stood before me.

Transfixed I just stared in wonder, ” Is this real ” I couldn’t help saying aloud.

“No, it’s an April Fool Story ” , the alien from the hovering craft replied


Were they UFOs ???

Yesterday there was thunder and lightening in Birmingham.  Not my favourite weather to say the least..

I have never liked lightening, this probably started when as a young child my mum used to encourage us to hide in the cupboard under the stairs for safety in storms! 

I am not crazy about flying either but a few years ago I had both of my least favourite things together, a lightening storm on a flight back from Egypt. 

My husband at the time encouraged me at one stage to look out of the window , when I did I saw about 5 large balls of light bouncing slowly around the night sky in the distance … 

UFOS / lightening balls? ???