Costas make way for Starbucks

A huge change had occurred in my world.

Costas is no longer my favourite coffee shop. what? Never! Can’t be!

Oh, yes the decision is conclusive, Starbucks who used to be my least favourite coffee change is now my number one

The reasons being it’s made the unprecedented jump

1) I can my a vegan lunch/breakfast .. only a cake a costas

2) They have fantastic reusable cups at about £1

3)They now have coconut milk, which I love

Costas, it’s time for you to up your ante


Save a worms life today

On my way to the station I saw a worm on the pavement in great danger of someone not noticing that it’s there and consequently stepping on the worm. I carefully picked it up and placed in on the nearby earthy bank

Worm saving has been a regular occurance since I was a child, maybe my life purpose is to save worms from being trodden on 😉

The first time it happened was when I was in a car park killing time waiting for my mum to finish her appt, I saw a stranded worm and tried to pick it up , it fell out of my hands , not deterred I tried again. I then noticed people were watching me. The worms life is more important than nosey people, I reasoned. This was my first worm rescue mission

Hundreds of subsequent worm rescues missions have since followed

I have found it ☺

Yes, at long last I have found it.

I have searched high and low over too many years to count.

I thought I had found it on many occasions only to be bitterly disappointed

I have pretended to find it, trying to kid myself I had found it but I couldn’t keep it up.

“What have you found? “I know you are asking

“A vegan cheese that tastes like cheese!” Is my delighted reply

Dancing to a song about hemp milk

Last night I found myself at the Ort cafe, my favourite bohemian cafe in Balsall Heath with one of my favourite hippy bands called mobius loop

The room was cold, not far off freezing. ..but it soon warmed up when they started playing

When their song which talks about the benefits of drinking hemp milk started my daughter dressed as a fairy dragged me up to dance. No she isn’t a child but yes, my 26yrs old daughter still likes dressing as a fairy!

So up I got and started to dance to the song about the pros of hemp.

I left the night with the lyrics of one of their songs ringing in my ears. .”Go vegan, go vegan. ….”

1970s Sundays

Today is Sunday, I remember when I thought Sunday was the most boring day of the week, I was about 7 yrs old

My typical Sunday when I was 7… Sunday breakfast a fry up , it was a big deal back then with bacon , eggs, tomatoes, fried bread, daddy’s sauce etc. Oh how things have changed i have been a vegetarian for the last 20 years and an on and off vegan for 4 years

We also shared the Sunday Paper, we carefully divided it up and read a few pages each then swapped them..oh things have changed. I still like reading the paper on a Sunday morning via an app on my phone!

Here’s the shocker, later in the day I had my once weekly bath..back in the 70s that’s how often we had a bath, I don’t think we were the only family to do that. .. well, I hope not! …

In the afternoon, the entertainment was a film on the TV, a nice family friendly musical .

There were no shops open, nothing to do in the winter months when I couldn’t go out and play… .oh how things have changed, everything is open now, there is loads to do. It’s pretty much a normal day

So, fast forward 44 years. What am I doing today? Well, reading my paper on an app, having vegan mock bacon for breakfast and then going to work. ..😯

51 yrs old and still cool & trendy 😉😉

How cool and trendy am I? wink wink

I am currently sitting in a coffee shop in Vilnius, not with coffee nor tea, they are so last year . ..wait for it. ..

With cacao made with soya milk. Even bigger, how cool am I ? coming up.

“What are you eating ?” I hear you ask .

Not a sandwich or a cake, they are well past it. ..I have a hemp bar. Like all the young amd trendy do today 😂😂

Vegan Pie & Mash , Wine and Music 

I am currently in a pub in the outskirts of Birmingham city centre after a long ,full and fun day of work….and yes, it’s Sunday listening to live music which I have organised for a friends week long show 

This is not a modern, hip or trendy pub.  It’s a grass roots real ale type of pub. I am delight that they have a menu with vegan food. .

Maybe the tide is turning and little by little the UK is becoming vegan friendly 

Wonderful Eccentrics

I  love love eccentric people and my world is delightfully full of them.

I am currently sitting at the Ort, it’s a community cafe where I have been going for 4-5 years and I have been running spoken word and music events there ever since I found the wonderful little cafe. ( The vegan group I attend introduced me to it.)

Tonight it’s my partners event, a music  night..
..looking around there are colourfully dressed people from a plethora of countries  (Balsall Heath is where the world meets ) standing,  sitting and dancing.  My wonderful eccentric friends or yet to be friends dance whenever they want, and live their lives in harmony with the world but unrestricted by everyday conventions