Noel in Knowle 

Knowle is a lovely small village that manages to do most things just right. 

It’s just outside Solihull yet can’t be more different.  Knowle has a dignified feel about it, with restaurants, cafes and few nice bars. They manage to pack a lot into the small area. I especially love the old fashioned style lights 

But it surpasses itself at Christmas with the tasteful decorations adorning all the shops, the Christmas tree and the annual choir singing noel in Knowle 


So much more. ..

I wanted somewhere new to explore not that far away. Using Google maps I soon choose an area of unexplored territory  (for me that is 😉) An area called Hartlebuy, it fitted all the tick boxes, a castle, out in the country, pubs and a garden centre cafe that looked promising

We never got further than the garden centre! Whitlenge Garden Ctre is more than a garden centre, they have gone to town with their imagination. .fairies, gnomes, a wonderful country garden cafe and then the gardens. .

For a modest entry fee of £3.50 each we were taken on a journey into all things spooky.  Yes. .it was Halloween themed,  they did a brilliant job and it kept us entertained for ages and ages. .brilliant fun

Where’s that? 

I have lived in the West Midlands for over 20 years, when my children were young I was a member of the Nation Trust and we explored all the local manors and attractions they had.  

But I have never heard of   Wightwick Manor  and it’s only in Wolverhampton. ..where has this little gem been hiding? 

Yesterday my daughter and I added it to our radar and took a look,  it lovely.  A huge manor in delightful gardens and incredibly welcoming with croquet in the gardens, billiards in the home and lots of interactive stuff to become involved with

You see.’s not just children who like to play 😉

Wow, such Talent 

Well, it was my spoken word and music event at the quirky little bohemian cafe in Balsall Heath last night and it was a night bursting with talent. 

It’s not just spoken word and music  (maybe I should rename it) there are comedians , a magician and often more. 

I remember way back when variety programmes began to receive high ratings , programmes like, “The good old days.” Yes, I am that old!  We still love variety acts today, I believe ,”Britain’s got talent” is still on . 

What lots of people may not know is there are many venues in Birmingham where talent is overflowing, last night was just one of them

Breakfast Meetings 

Running my own business, one of the delights is the amount of free workshops available in the Midlands. 

This morning it was a two hour workshop on improving your website. ..great.  Yes it started at 7.30 am! 

But none the less, virtually every day of the week there are a plethora of  either helpful workshops and networking meetings.  Wait for this….a lot of them give you free breakfast /lunch too!