Wow, such Talent 

Well, it was my spoken word and music event at the quirky little bohemian cafe in Balsall Heath last night and it was a night bursting with talent. 

It’s not just spoken word and music  (maybe I should rename it) there are comedians , a magician and often more. 

I remember way back when variety programmes began to receive high ratings , programmes like, “The good old days.” Yes, I am that old!  We still love variety acts today, I believe ,”Britain’s got talent” is still on . 

What lots of people may not know is there are many venues in Birmingham where talent is overflowing, last night was just one of them

Breakfast Meetings 

Running my own business, one of the delights is the amount of free workshops available in the Midlands. 

This morning it was a two hour workshop on improving your website. ..great.  Yes it started at 7.30 am! 

But none the less, virtually every day of the week there are a plethora of  either helpful workshops and networking meetings.  Wait for this….a lot of them give you free breakfast /lunch too!