Not at a Literary Festival !

My weekend was a busy one, I ran an event to open the Wolverhampton literary festival on Friday, it was a huge success. Lots of amazing performers and a wonderful large audience.

I also ran the closing festival, which I ran with a different formula. The idea was to showcase four acts, here is the beginning of the trouble.

The venue was lovely at the art gallery, the crowd arrived, two of the acts turned up and the event started well

The third act was delayed but wait for it. …the fourth act dropped the bomb shell that they couldn’t make it any longer. …I suddenly had an eager audience and a large gap to fill.

There is only so long you can give an audience a break before they decided to give up and go home.

Desperate time needed desperate measures, a young man was in the audience who had come along on Friday, he was keen to perform but I could only give him a tiny slot due to the event being so busy . Along with being a poet he also told me that he was a comedian.

My last act was due to perform gentle comedy. bad could he be? I asked him if he would like to perform, he jumped at the opportunity.

I soon had my answer to how bad could he possibly be. The answer, “Very bad ”

Remember the was a literature festival, and it must be said his poetry was very good but…here is the but, his comedy was totally inappropriate . The young man was just starting out in comedy and the basis of his comedy seamed to just be to shock people with things that should never ever ever ever be said!

My hands went up to my face and just stayed there. …


Where’s that?¬†

I have lived in the West Midlands for over 20 years, when my children were young I was a member of the Nation Trust and we explored all the local manors and attractions they had.  

But I have never heard of   Wightwick Manor  and it’s only in Wolverhampton. ..where has this little gem been hiding? 

Yesterday my daughter and I added it to our radar and took a look,  it lovely.  A huge manor in delightful gardens and incredibly welcoming with croquet in the gardens, billiards in the home and lots of interactive stuff to become involved with

You see.’s not just children who like to play ūüėČ

One of those days 

I had one of those days yesterday, many things went wrong, some things my fault and some not.  One of the things that went wrong was when getting something from my car I must have knocked the lights on. Yup,  hours later my battery was dead…I was stuck in Wolverhampton. 

I still carried on with the day as I had things to do,  eventually about 9.45 pm I had to sort the problem out,  a small bunch of homeless people were on the edge of the car park. One man foolishly said, “hello ” I grabbed him smiled and to his horror asked him to help me jump start my car, his friend was more keen and egged them both on, despite the fact that the second man seemed so  drunk  he couldn’t stand up straight . 

So it started,  the three of us,  trying to push my car around the car park trying to jump start my car, none of us knew how though. ..I thought you just push the car and then turn it on. turns out that isn’t how it’s done.  The homeless men were becoming tired after 20 mins of this. .but a random stranger on his way to catch a bus saw this strange carry on and came to our rescue. 

“You need to put the car in second gear” , he declared in an amused fashion.   So with the three of them now pushing. .. and the car in second gear, it started straight away.  After thanking everyone and giving the homeless men a few quid I left smiling a how lovely people are 


I have just hosted my monthly  Spoken word and music event @the Lych Gate Tavern in Wolverhampton and once more it was bursting with local talent. From a young and brilliant singer song writers on the guitar with his friend on the cajon…they must of both been around 18 in age. a lovely elderly experienced poet reciting his own gentle poetry reflecting on the effects of aging.